Temple at Penn State

Yesterday’s Penn State football game against Temple was a fun game to photograph.  The team is looking better as the season continues which makes photos even more exciting.  The weather was very much a happy valley type of day, with warmth in the morning, then wind, and patches of rain and a cool night.  Through several off and ons of the rain gear here are a few of my favorites.

I photographed Hull hugging his Mom when the buses arrived at the stadium before the game. Seeing his face change from his loving hug to him running down the field towards the Temple quarterback, well I’d move out of the way quick!

Cloudy skies helped to get clean faces of a lot of the players this week without too much helmet shadow.

Zordich had a great first half of the game and his leap through the air was a popular topic on Saturday.  I was pleased to have had a good angle for the photo as he attempted to leap frog a Temple defender.

This was also the first game I got to use our pool 400mm lens.  It’s such an amazing difference from the 300mm! 

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