Vaughn and his Crew

As I opened the door to the basement of a church office I was greeted by a scene of laughter, music, brightly painted walls and teenagers lounging in comfy chairs.  I met Vaughn, the youth director for the church who introduced me to his “crew,” the twenty youngsters who were scattered through the space.  Vaughn opened the space several months ago as a safe creative place for teenagers to express themselves and learn.  Four nights a week the doors are open, some nights with a message and chatting about everyones individual purpose and goals, and other nights full of improve, music jams, games and snacks.  I swung by here and there throughout the week to catch Vaughn with the crew and capture their energy.
Vaughn02 Vaughn03 Vaughn04 Vaughn06 Vaughn07 Vaughn08

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